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Listed below are various methods of configuring an SD card for the "SD Card Lock" method.

Note : setting up an SD card to be bootable is not the same thing as setting the "boot" flag in the card's MBR. There are several possible configurations that can be used to enable the Bootable SD Card method of loading CHDK.

Cameras released after January 2011 can boot from either a FAT16 or a FAT32 partition, although requires a different modifications to the boot block.

Setup of the SD card is somewhat complicated as different cameras have different requirements and limitations.

There are also a few Magellan and Harman Kardon devices that in order to update the application, and SD card is necessary.

Those exceptions don’t impact the majority of users, and you can always purchase one later if you find it necessary. If you use your GPS as an MP3 player it is often more convenient to load the music onto SD card.

Listed below are three easy ones - alternative methods can be found at the bottom of this wiki page.There are quite a few method of setting up an SD Card for cameras released before 2011.Listed below are four easy ones - alternative methods can be found at the bottom of this wiki page.Note : use "Method 3" if you are using a CHDK version that has no ps.fi2 file available in the distribution zip file ( eg : a camera still under development or a camera where it's just not available).Method 1 - Using the STICK utility With older cameras, the best booting method options depends on the size of the SD card.

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